• August 2021 Healthcare Corner

  • August 2021 Healthcare Corner

    August 2021 Healthcare Corner

    Wildcats, it is nearly upon us! The evening groans of not wanting to go to bed, the morning grogginess and complaining, nights of homework and busier schedules. As school shakes of the summer heat and readies to open, here are some tips to be prepared when the bus rumbles down your street.

    1.Start a morning schedule… today.
    Begin to wake kids at their normal school wake-up time. Have older children take responsibility by having them setting an alarm clock.

    2. Eat a healthy breakfast… today
    Well-rounded breakfasts give kids the energy they need to start their early classes with attention and focus. Stay away from sugary options as they can cause mid-morning crashes.

    3. Set clothes out the night before… tonight
    This alleviates stress and frantic mornings looking for matching items and smaller items like shoes and socks. Smaller children can be given the choice of two outfits you’ve picked.

    4. Pack a healthy lunch… today
    Good eating is a theme, and rightly so. As a healthy breakfast helps power through the morning, a healthy lunch ensures your child finishes the day on a high note. Consider a healthy snack for after school if your child participates in sports.

    5. Make dedicated TV (and phone) free time… today
    Set aside time today in the evening after where the phone and television are off. Use this time to talk, read a book, or play outside. When school starts, this is dedicated homework or study time.
    6. Begin a bedtime routine… tonight
    A dedicated bedtime, as well as a structured process each evening of eating, homework, lay out clothes, and brush teeth will help your child get to bed and get the sleep they require. Studies show children with structured evening (and morning) routines perform better in school.

    7. Go school supply shopping… and make it fun
    Excitement about pencils, new notebooks, and backpacks is a great way to get kids ready for school. As a parent, lead the way by telling them a day or two in advance and making it a big deal. Positive conversation about classes, teachers, sports or activities in which your child is involved can help get them excited.
    Summer provides a great respite from challenges related to school schedules during shorter fall and winter days. It allows kids to be kids as they enjoy the longer, hotter days with more flexibility. End-of-summer transitions are critical to your child’s success, and implementing these and other tips can make back-to-school smooth for everyone.
    From us to you… Live Well!


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