• Running with Scissors...Why Ribbon Cuttings are so Important...

  • Running with Scissors...Why Ribbon Cuttings are so Important...

    Running with Scissors...Why Ribbon Cuttings are so Important...

    I distinctly remember Mrs. Poore’s Kindergarten class at Field Elementary.  I can remember the friends I made that first year of school, (JoAnne, Tammie, Darren, Philip), nap time on a beach towel, snacks I didn’t like, the merry-go-round at recess, and most importantly, SCISSORS.  I don’t just remember those basic little silver scissors, (no fancy scissors with padded grips in my day),  I remember the little metal stand that held them and patiently waiting in line to put them away, tightly gripping the blade ends tips facing down for safety and I remember the Rule - “NO Running with Scissors.”   I don’t guess I recall how this rule got so deeply imprinted in my mind, it probably only took a warning that breaking the rule would get you sent to the principals office.  The thought of disappointing the Principal, Mr. Dallas Kelly, was something I didn’t want to do, and still today he is someone I look up to and admire.  

    So who would have thought that Scissors would be such an important part of my job? Yes, we consider Ribbon Cuttings to be an important part of our job.  While many Chambers have done away with them because they are time consuming, have low attendance, are no longer relevant, we know that these are excellent ways to welcome new members, celebrate milestones and tell the stories of our members.  This is the perfect opportunity for New members, New businesses to tell what they do, who they serve and why they do it.  Now, technology and social media allows us to broadcast that information to thousands of potential customers.  

    As a chamber member you may be thinking, do I really have time to leave work to go to another business?  Is it worth sending representation of my business to attend?  Are you personally trying to make lasting business relationships? Do you want people to refer your business?  Do you want people to show up for you?  Then the answer is YES!   At our monthly Power Hour Training for Chamber Members we talk about this.  I always use this example - “Imagine you a having a party, you have made all the preparations, invited the guests and now you are waiting for the time to start...and then people start coming and you LOVE the people that show up for you, the people that come that you don’t expect, people come that you don’t even know.  Guess what, now you want to know them, I mean they Showed up for you, you want to show up for them.  It’s Powerful and the businesses and individuals that get this, are utilizing this opportunity to build strong relationships that helps grow their business”.  

    Today we will be “Running with Scissors”, (don’t  worry, we have a nice case to carry them in). We have 3 amazing opportunities to support chamber members by attending their celebrations.  We will honor our Business of the Month, Talley Tire at 9:15am, we will Welcome a New Member, Robbins Auto Body at 10am with a Ribbon Cutting and will Hold a Grand Opening/New Member Welcome Ribbon Cutting for SWMO Yoga & Fitness at 3:30pm.  I hope you will take time to attend or send someone from your staff, I know it will be noticed and appreciated.  


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