• Do You Have the Heart of a (Business) Leader?

  • Do You Have the Heart of a (Business) Leader?

    Do You Have the Heart of a (Business) Leader?

    Having just returned home from completing and graduating from The Institute of Organizational Management, conversations regarding leadership are fresh on my mind. Many years ago I was given the book “Heart of a Leader” by Ken Blanchard. It’s a very small book, the kind that you can read quickly. I learn something every time I open it. It’s a great book for business owners or those who just want to make sure that they are tapping into their leadership potential. I wanted to share a few tips on leadership that I’ve learned from the book.

    “When you stop learning you stop growing”
    This was a good one to start with. Every day I learn something, and I love it. Whether it is something on the computer, Facebook, Twitter, or from the many books that I read, I love to learn something new. In today’s business climate, you have to keep learning because things are changing so rapidly. If you’re not staying current with technology and the methods of communication, you are quickly losing your competitive edge.

    "Leadership is a high calling”
    As leaders we sometimes focus too hard on results of the people involved. If that is your leadership style, things like morale and job satisfaction will fall by the wayside. This type of leadership becomes about getting as much as you can for as little effort as possible. Leading at a higher level is the process of achieving worthwhile results while acting with respect, care, and fairness for the well-being of all involved. When you realize it’s not about you than you began to lead at a higher level.

    "What we give our attention to grows”
    Finally, the more attention you pay to a behavior, the more it will be repeated. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you dwell in negativity that is what you will reap because focusing on the negative often creates situations that demoralize people. When people feel demoralized, they live up to your low vision of them. Affirming the positive and redirecting the negative are the best tools for increasing productivity. When good performance is followed by a positive response, people naturally want to continue that behavior.

    What was the best leadership advice you’ve ever received? The quotes and lessons that stick make us who we are as leaders. Try to adopt more of the positive and less of the negative traits and your employees will work harder and spend more time delighting your customers.

    -Ashley Siler
    Director of Communication & Membership Development 

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