• Environmental Health & Safety Company Expands Sanitizing/Disinfecting Service

  • Environmental Health & Safety Company Expands Sanitizing / Disinfecting Service 
    April 2, 2020 
    (Joplin, MO) Employers Health & Safety, LLC expands Sanitizing Disinfecting Service.  The company has ramped up one of its smaller divisions of service to meet the current need and demand for sanitizing and disinfecting.  
     “In our ongoing response to combating the spread of COVID-19, we as a team decided to ramp up and expand this service that’s been a small part of our business model for 20 years until now,” said Steve Bell, President / Owner of Employers Health & Safety, LLC. “Our company was built on keeping people safe and this is an extension of our passion, and enhancing what we’re already doing, but now on a much larger scale. What sets our service apart from just sanitizing and disinfecting is we take surface samples before and after and send to our lab for microbiological testing. In addition to the service call, we provide a written report of the before and after surface sample lab tests.” 
     The mobile unit travels with team members equipped with OSHA certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn at each job site location. The service is available now for booking by calling (417) 483-6492. Each job is quoted separately based on square footage and number of touch points (keyboards, doors, cubicles, etc). 
     The company specializes in industrial hygiene and biological sampling, compliance with all government regulations as well as general and professional liability insurance requirements, in addition to creating safety plans and building a culture of safety within the facilities of their clients. The company’s motto is, “Our passion is your life”.   
     Employers Health & Safety, LLC is also a leading Environmental Health & Safety Training Company. The company is centered and focused on its mission of injury and death prevention in the workplace. The company is entering its 21st year in business and has developed a safety-training curriculum presented in a powerful and dynamic way ensuring retention. Employers Health & Safety, LLC works closely with and on behalf of their clients regarding any OSHA related issues.  
     (See photos attached for reference) For more information: 
      Steve Bell President / Owner  Employers Health & Safety, LLC (417) 483-6492