• Liberty Donates $20,000 to Creative Learning Alliance for Purchase of First Manufactured Exhibit

  • Liberty Donates $20,000 to Creative Learning Alliance for First Manufactured Exhibit.  The Creative Learning Alliance joined Liberty at their creativity lab, 905 Main, Joplin, Monday, September 12 at 10 AM for an exciting presentation. Liberty presented a check for $20,000 to the Creative Learning Alliance to purchase their first manufactured exhibit for their STEAM Center. Project Coordinator Neely Myers said, “While our lab is overflowing with over 15 full time exhibits that were built by our two very talented exhibit builders Kara Arnce and Lori Good, we are eager to add our first manufactured exhibit of an Illumination Station from Momentum Interactives. Momentum Interactives provides ready to install attractions to children’s museums and centers and we are excited to work with them. We could not have grown into this manufactured exhibit without Liberty’s generous donation.” Will Endicott, Liberty Senior Manager, Business and Community Development - Central Region added “Liberty specifically here loves the education piece. Anything to do with education, specifically here it’s a different type of education. It’s more of a hands-on learning. Get the kids off the electronics a little bit, get them in space where they can get hands-on and learn a lot about lots of different things, especially the STEAM element. And you know lots of jobs at Liberty revolve around STEAM. So potentially maybe future employees one day.” The Creative Learning Alliance is a hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) based attraction that exercises curiosity promotes exploration, and develops imagination for people of all ages through interactivity. The nonprofit is run by a volunteer board of directors working to develop a new science center for the region. Find the Creative Learning Alliance at CreativeLearningAlliance.org or on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok @creativelearningalliance.
    For more information, contact Project Coordinator Neely Myers, neely@creativelearningalliance.org.