• Environmental Health & Safety Company Offers COVID-19 Screening Software to Businesses

  • Environmental Health & Safety Company Offers COVID-19 Screening Software to Businesses

    (May 7, 2020, Joplin, MO) Employers Health & Safety, LLC has developed an alliance with a software company launching a COVID-19 Screening Software and Mobile App.

    As businesses begin to open in phases Employers Health & Safety, LLC has been proactive
    since the first documented case of COVID-19 in the U.S. The company expanded its Sanitizing
    and Disinfecting Service with lab testing as well as creating a training class to certify employees
    on proper Sanitizing and Disinfecting per CDC and OSHA guidelines. Those services and class
    will continue to be available.

    “We’ve been proactive from day one on this, and now that America is slowly getting back to work,
    this is the next step in our service offerings to help small business. Allowing our clients to do
    onsite COVID-19 Screenings and track that data in real time is priceless. It’s a Software Mobile
    App developed by Safety Plus, Inc. who we’ve been working with for many years, and this App
    comes at a perfect time,” said Steve Bell, President / Owner of Employers Health & Safety, LLC.

    The software Mobile App ensures the safety of all individuals on site by establishing check-in
    protocols with automatic reporting and notifications. Businesses can now scan employees,
    contractor employees, customers, and any other site-visitor with customized questionnaires,
    temperature checks and more, all recorded in real time on the App.

    “Employers, customers, and employees all want to feel safe going back to work and into
    businesses and restaurants. This software and Mobile App provides that peace of mind with
    documented, and quantitative data. It’s also a new way for businesses to have a competitive edge
    as new opportunities for market share open up along with the businesses,” said Doug Hunt, Vice
    President / Business Development of Employers Health & Safety, LLC.

    Employers Health & Safety, LLC is a leading Environmental Health & Safety Training Company.
    The company is centered and focused on its mission of injury and death prevention in the
    workplace. The company is entering its 21st year in business and has developed a safety-training
    curriculum presented in a powerful and dynamic way ensuring retention. Employers Health &
    Safety, LLC works closely with and on behalf of their clients regarding any OSHA related issues.

    The company specializes in industrial hygiene and biological sampling, air quality monitoring,
    compliance with all government regulations, general and professional liability insurance
    requirements, in addition to creating safety plans and building a culture of safety within the
    facilities of their clients. The company’s motto is, “Our passion is your life”.