• Nurse Needed

  • Posted: 07/28/2019

    Nurse needed for new clinic location in Joplin
    Free Market Physician Clinic is hiring a full-time nurse to work in a new clinic location. Certification (LPN vs. RN, etc) is less important in this position than work skills and professionalism. Work duties include triage of phone calls, assisting in procedures, phlebotomy, and obtaining vitals. This position will also entail office operations such as answering phone calls, setting appointments, receiving patient payments, arranging referrals, and managing medication and equipment inventory. Work ethic, being able to work with minimal supervision, and independent task completion are a must. This is a job for a go-getter and someone of absolute integrity. Salary is negotiable.
    Free Market Physician is a Direct Primary Care Family Practice Clinic presently located in Neosho. We work to provide affordable, high-quality care to all of our patients and restore customer service to patient care. We pride ourselves on friendly, prompt, and thorough care. Please contact Miyuki Bennion, RN or Dr.  Joseph Sheppard, DO for an interview.