• STEAM Elementary Teacher

  • Posted: 02/16/2021

    Neosho Schools is searching for highly motivated elementary teachers with background knowledge of math, science, and a knowledge base of Professional Learning Communities, to staff our STEAM Academy for the 2021/2022 school year.  This position will have a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) focus through PBL to bring out and encourage the natural curiosity and creativity in every child.  

    The school year for the Academy will be 202 days.  Teachers will contracted for a total of 202 days which will include summer school in June. 

    Job Mission

    To develop in each pupil an appreciation of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM), recognize and develop the talents and curiosity of students, develop knowledge and skills in STEAM, and engage in creative activities.

    STEAM Academy Vision



    Bachelor’s Degree

    Certificates, Licenses, Registrations 

    Valid Missouri certificate, Elementary 1-6

    Other requirements

    • Excellent communication skills.
    • A proven track record in the use of a rich array of instructional methods, the analysis and use of data and technology to improve instruction, and the ability to build professional relationships, solve problems, and plan collaboratively.
    • Evidence of productive experience with problem-based learning.
    • Evidence of planning, organization, and time management skills that will bring structure and accountability to the position.
    • Proven ability to apply science and/or math content knowledge, formative assessment, and technology integration at a high level.
    • Deep understanding of student learning theory, brain-based learning, and differentiated instruction.
    • Proven ability to collaborate with teachers regarding student learning.
    • Background in math, science, technology, engineering and Project-Based Learning by education or training
    • A working knowledge base of Professional Learning Communities, Response to Intervention, and research-based learning would be preferred.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    An individual who holds this position is required to act as the responsible agent for the instruction of students and is knowledgeable of the subject(s) they are assigned to teach.  

    • Deliver curriculum through project-based learning (PBL) that meets state standards for grade appropriate learning
    • Encourage student learning through hands on activity and inquiry-based learning opportunities 
    • Set benchmarks and deadlines in a fluid environment 
    • Collaborate with other team members
    • Analyze data and adapt teaching methods and strategies to maximize student achievement 

    Professional Knowledge: 

    • Continuously improve professional knowledge and practice through appropriate professional development activities
    • Share information and knowledge with other teachers; apply the best research in the design and development of school curriculum.
    • Maintain and incorporate the best research in instructional materials and techniques.
    • Provide instruction directly related to PBL & STEAM.

    Planning for Instruction:

    • Set short-term and year-long goals for curricular units based on sound principles and practices of learning.
    • Develop and maintain lesson plans based on short-term and year-long goals and share when appropriate.
    • Demonstrate the ability to model, deliver, and facilitate rich student-centered learning experiences around Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.
    • Identify and apply educational and technology-related research, the psychology of learning, and instructional design principles in guiding use of technology in education. Identify, implement, and investigate software.
    • Understand and be able to design, develop, assess, and manage STEAM learning experiences.

    Use of Materials and Equipment:

    Integrate current technologies as tools to enhance instructional strategies and increase student learning.

    Effectiveness of Instruction:

    • Promote a high level of active learning through setting high standards and clear goals and modifying instruction to help all students achieve those standards.
    • Maintain systems of assessment and measurements, which reflect progress in achieving instructional objectives.
    • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of the connection between technology, computer science, and other fields of study.

    Learning Environment:

    • Establish an atmosphere that encourages sensitivity and respect among students and with the teacher, and practices and routines that create an appropriate learning environment.
    • Design instructional experiences in which students achieve high standards and optimize their performance by taking responsibility for their own learning.

    Effective Organizational Relationships:

    • Maintain open and effective communication with students, parents, staff and administration using expected professional standards.
    • Participate actively in team/department/staff meetings.
    • Work in partnership with teachers, staff, community partners, and other mentor organizations to provide consistent effective teaching with technology, engagement, lesson plan design, use of technology, STEAM and online tools.

    Supervisory Duties 

    Supervise students at all times.