Flower Box City

Neosho, nationally known as the Flower Box City, received a grant in 1955 to launch an experiment in city beautification, and has since concentrated on easy-care planters in every conceivable location. Flower boxes in front of business establishments, churches, schools and residential homes have spread Neosho’s fame.

The project is so much an accepted part of the city’s thinking that many new residence and businesses have flower boxes incorporated as part of their landscaping plans.

We are now proud to be home of the World’s Largest Flower Box. After acquiring a railroad gondola car, it was transformed into a flower box. It’s 66 feet long, eight feet wide and 44 inches deep. The community of Neosho came together and donated their time, energy, and funds to make this a reality. The flower box is filled with flowers, shrubs, and trees and is a beautiful addition to Morse Park.

To this day, on a leisurely drive around Neosho, one would notice the abundance of Flower Boxes both at private residences and businesses.