Health Services

Health Services
Excellent health care is one of the most important services a progressive community can offer its citizens and guests. Neosho’s extensive health care community is continually growing and changing to meet those needs.

Freeman Neosho Hospital and its staff physicians are the anchor of local health care. Its 67-patient bed hospital offers emergency, surgical and intensive care services, as well as a full-range of diagnostics. Freeman’s 22,000 square-foot Medical Office building conveniently located across the street from the hospital.

Another excellent facility for local health care services is the Mercy Clinic at Neosho. This 15,000 square foot “medical mall” offers primary care physicians and numerous specialty care services, ranging from pre-admission testing to cardiovascular and podiatry services. Both Freeman and Mercy in Neosho have strong links to regional hospitals in Joplin, giving local care centers many choices of doctors and nurses experienced in every phase of health care.

Other services offered in Neosho include three occupational medicine services programs aimed at helping employers contain the rapidly escalating cost of workers’ compensation claims. This is accomplished by providing prompt treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses, and assisting with back-to-work programs. Home health services as well as out-patient physical therapy are also available in Neosho.

Complementing the larger medical facilities are numerous independent medical personnel. These include dentists, chiropractors, optometrists and private counseling and the Newton County Health Department.

Assisted living facilities, adult day care services and traditional nursing homes are located through the community. Large and small pharmacies provide drug and other health-related services. Home medical supplies, including prosthetic devices, are readily available.

The Newton County Ambulance District, a taxpayer supported program, is a modern health care unit called upon daily for lifesaving services and routine medical transfers. An enhanced Emergency 911 number is also provided to residents of Newton County.

Blood collection drives are held by both the American Red Cross (ARC) and the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks. The ARC also provides a wide range of health and safety services such as lifesaving, CPR training and disaster aid and assistance.

Man’s best friends (and other creatures) are well cared for by several veterinary clinics. Most veterinarians provide kennel service, and humane society members are ready to assist with animal health and welfare.

Happy and healthy citizens and their family members – a goal strived for daily in Neosho.